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Public Access,Public Access Barrister

As from 6 July 2004 The General Council of The Bar introduced new rules whereby members of the Public can have direct access to the services of barristers. This is known as Public Access. Unnecessary restrictions were removed thereby improving public access to legal advice. Your first port of call when contemplating litigation was traditionally a litigation solicitor but now you can come and see a Public Access Barrister before or after or without the need to see a litigation Solicitor.

What a Public Access Barrister can do for you includes:

Some areas however are excluded from Public Access Barrister work:

e.g. Conducting Litigation

Public Access Barristers and Barristers generally are not able to apply to the Legal Services Commission for public funding. Thus when approached by an individual who may be entitled to public funding, public access barristers will normally direct the client to a solicitor who deals with this obtaining public funding (Legal Aid). After you have legal funding you can come and see us for the above services.

Speak to a Public Access Barrister First

You can now come and see a public access barrister first. By coming to see us you will be receiving a specialist service and you it can save you money as you are cutting out the middlemen, which in some cases can increase your costs considerably. If it is in your interest to have other Professionals involved we will tell you.

Commercial & Intellectual Property Law Specialist; Public Access Barristers:
Patents, Copyright, Trade & Service Marks, Registered Designs, Passing Off, Confidential Information, Design Rights, Domain Names, E-Commerce, IT & Internet Law, Trade Secrets, Competition Law, IP Litigation, Data Protection, Database Rights, Performers’ Rights, Sports Law, Science & Technology, Employment, Entertainment & Music Law, Chancery Law, Public Law