Commercial & Intellectual Property Law Specialist; Public Access Barristers

Clients Charter

Members of Templis Chambers will abide at all times by the General Council of the Bar’s Code of Conduct which incorporates their established professional ethics, rules and duties. Counsel will act at all times in the best interests of those who instruct them subject to their professional and legal duties. In addition Templis Chambers Clients Charter will endeavor to provide the following to all our clients at all times:

Expertise and Professionalism: Templis will offer you as our client, specialist informed and commercially aware advice. We will offer you an unrivalled level of support and we will be proactive and constructive. We will always keep your instructions confidential at all times. We will always obtain full instructions from you and come back to you where more information is later needed. We will ensure we are up to date and aware of all new legal developments.

Modernism, Clarity and Vision: We will do our best to provide you with jargon free, accurate and clear advice. We will be economically aware and commercially minded.

Responsiveness, Accessibility and Availability: We will acknowledge all new instructions and provide guaranteed response times whenever possible. We will return all your telephone calls within 24 hours. In all other cases we will provide you with an estimated response time and advise you of any reasons why these agreed or estimated response times cannot be met for any reason. We will keep you up to date on the progress of your case. We will provide you with access to Counsel 24 hours a day and 7 days a week wherever possible.

Value for money: We provide a competitive service both in terms of our fees and our service to you and we will always offer you value for money and a quality service. At the outset we will provide you with estimates for all the work we do in an on your behalf in an agreed time. There will be no hidden charges. We will set you agreed hourly rates or set fees for the work we do for you. We will be transparent and clear in our billing.

Protection: We always have Professional Indemnity Insurance. We abide by professional conduct rules and by the highest standards of conduct expected by the General Council of the Bar. We try to avoid double booking whenever possible. If you have a complaint we will investigate this internally through our own internal procedures and respond to you in an agreed time.

Commercial & Intellectual Property Law Specialist; Public Access Barristers:
Patents, Copyright, Trade & Service Marks, Registered Designs, Passing Off, Confidential Information, Design Rights, Domain Names, E-Commerce, IT & Internet Law, Trade Secrets, Competition Law, IP Litigation, Data Protection, Database Rights, Performers’ Rights, Sports Law, Science & Technology, Employment, Entertainment & Music Law, Chancery Law, Public Law, Administrative, Chancery (General), Chancery (Land Law), Commercial Litigation, Commercial and Residential Property, Construction, Professional Negligence, EU & Competition Law: Public Access Barristers.